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FAQ Film + Photo

Frequently asked questions for our combined Film & Photo packages.

How do we benefit from booking Film & Photo together?

We are a team. We know each other and are used to working together, which is very handy on the wedding day! When the pressure is on, individual photographers and videographers can sometimes compete and give priority to their service over the other. By using our collaborative collection, you align the priorities and get the best combined product. We also have very similar, cohesive styles so that your images and video will look consistent. Each one of us is an expert in our field with a wealth of experience in documenting weddings and large events. We are in constant communication from the booking stages, and we plan locations for any creative sessions together.

Can we customise a collection for each service?

Yes. We created the Film + Photo bundle to cover full weddings. If this package doesn’t match your needs, then contact let us know and we can make a custom package for you! This will enable you to tailor everything to your needs while still having all the advantages of our collaborative Film + Photo package.

How do we pay a deposit?

Even though V Visual and Jinal Govind Photography colloborate, we are still separate businesses. You will have separate contracts and invoices for each of us. To guarantee the date, we each require a 30% deposit of our respective invoices.