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Do you travel?

Yes, we love traveling! Exploring new locations and taking an adventure is our passion. For instance, if you are planning on having an elopement wedding in mountains with a hike trip the day before, let us know about it. We can give you some ideas how we can make your wedding film unique for you. Travel may incur an extra fee, so get in touch with us so we can discuss specifics with you.

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Do you record audio for the ceremony and speeches?

Absolutely! Audio is super important on your wedding day, just as much as video. We record audio in 3 different ways to ensure we have backups. One of the most effective ways to record audio is to put a small, lavalier mic on both the groom and celebrant to capture clear and crisp audio from the ceremony.

Do you use a drone?

We love using a drone if possible! Needless to say, using a drone is weather and flight restriction dependent.

We love your work but we are not photogenic:

Believe me, we hear this sentence all the time, but wedding videography and photography are actually fairly straightforward. We believe it has only one rule: you must feel good! 🙂 If someone pushes you into strange unnatural positions and fake smiles, you will never feel comfortable, and so the photos and video will not work. But don’t worry, we love working with people, and most importantly – we love capturing authentic moments and like keeping everything candid and fun, but professional and creative. We don’t like cheesy posing and when we work with our couples we always do our best to make any creative sessions as fun and relaxed as possible. We are a friendly and easy-going team! 🙂

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How long will a videoshoot/photoshoot take?

It depends on how long you allow. We like to work around you. If you want to relax with family, then do that! But keep in mind the less time you allow for a photoshoot/videoshoot, the less variety you will have. It’s important to make the most of your day, both with the creative session and with the family, so find a plan that works for you and we will work around it. Generally, a creative session may be between 40 – 60 minutes (if it’s with a bridal party), and the sunset session takes usually about 15 minutes.

Can I choose the music?

Music is an important part of the cinematic process that we hold dear to us. It can completely change the mood of a video. So while we respect that you may have great taste in music, we ask that you allow us to take care of that part of the equation.

Do you get along with other photographers?

Of course! We are very reasonable, friendly people and love working alongside other photographers/videographers. If you book us for videography and book your photographer separately then we make sure we get in touch with them in advance. We’re super respectful of photographers and are great communicators!

Do I have to book both Videography/Photography?

Not at all. There are seperate packages to choose from, but it saves you money and works out well with our team if you do.

How long will my films be?

Depending on the package and the length of your wedding, the ceremony can be 20 – 35 minutes, the reception speeches video between 40 minutes – 1 hour, and the highlights video between 4 – 6 minutes.

We have an Indian wedding and we are looking for a videographer to cover multiple days. Do you have experience with Indian weddings?

Yes, we have lots of experience with big multicultural weddings and have filmed plenty of Indian weddings in New Zealand. We understand the structure, rituals, and customs so we can be in the right place at the right time to capture all the key moments. We have separate packages for multi-day weddings but we can also create a bespoke collection for you. Please check out this page and fill out the contact form to inquire about a bespoke package.

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